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If you think you can tell an entire story in the mesmerizing rhyming verses of a poetry, this contest is exactly what you need to look at!

Ehsaas: Story in a Poem Poetry Writing Contest

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When your portfolio makes the grade for what the expert is looking for,we will publish it directly on Tumbhi.
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Get your work reviewed by our esteemed panel of advisors & get valuable comments.
  • Irshad Kamil Irshad Kamil
    Poet & Lyricist
  • Javed Siddiqui Javed Siddiqui
    Screen Writer
  • Pankuj Parashar Pankuj Parashar
    Film Director
  • Sunjoy Monga Sunjoy Monga
    Writer & Photographer
  • Lil Mo Lil Mo
    R & B Singer
  • L C Singh L C Singh
  • Prashant Godbole Prashant Godbole
  • Nirav Shah Nirav Shah
  • Om Katare Om Katare
    Theatre Director
  • Ramdas Palsule Ramdas Palsule
  • Kiran Khalap Kiran Khalap
    Author and brand consultant


kuch ahsaason ko jubaan dene ke liye hum jo bhi likh kar vyakt karte hai tumbhi un ahsason ko vyakt ...