Mr Universe comes to India for a Second Stint this November, 2011


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Today body building has become synonymous with handsome and good health. Indian actors like Salman Khan, John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan, Ajay Devgan, Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan stress a lot on body building and muscles to look good. Top action hero of Hollywood Arnold Schwarzenegger created history by becoming the first man to win this competition 5 times and then with his continuous accolades he has firmly planted himself on the world stage.

In 1951, an Indian created world history. He won the title of Mr. Universe. His name was Monotosh Roy. Post that, 2 more Indians won the title. In 2003 India hosted the event of Mr. Universe and now again this premiere body building event has returned to India, in November 2011.

Mr. Universe 2011 will be held in Mumbai from November 3rd to 7th. There are more than 400 entries from different countries for the contest. Show is organised by Indian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation. It is the second time that India will be hosting the event for international Title Mr. Universe in Mumbai. First time it was in the year 2003 that India played host to such a reputed and highly rated Global Event. It had put India as a strong country on the international bodybuilding map.

Indian Body Building & Fitness Federation is the body to host the event for India & Indian youth.Comments the Hon. Gen. Secretary of IBBF Mr Sanjay More, “it is indeed a very proud moment for us to bring this event to Mumbai once again. Since the first Mr. Universe event in 2003, Indians have become very conscious about Body Building and health. Now our effort is to increase the awareness about building a better and healthier young India.”

When fitness is the buzz word for Indians and most Indians are doing their part, by walking, running, gymming, etc., Body Building or muscle enhancement has become an integral part of our life. This event coincides with this wave of new India and firmly plants us on the world stage of the International Body Building Map.

The World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships (formerly IFBB Mr. Universe) is a male bodybuilding contest organized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB). First it was first held in the year 1959. Since then the event has come a long way, creating a perfect brand enroute. In fact this title of Mr. Universe is an essential stepping stone for professional body builders today.

Says Ganpat Shelar of UTEX, the organizers for Mr. Universe 2011 – “India is an emerging Super Power of the world, in all respects – Money, Military, Technology, etc. It makes perfect sense for the world to all visually see how strong our Men are. Observe their perfection. It brings me immense pride to announce this event in Mumbai from November 3 to 7, 2011 and the opportunity to allow my fellow Indians the chance to showcase their talent with International body builders for a worldwide audience”.

As a country we have come a long way since 1951. As the great gurus of Body Building Shri B.C. Ghosh (coach to Monotosh Roy) and Shri SenGupta in their book Muscle Control and Barbell Excecises (1930) once said –“A Man makes good progress working under good and ideal conditions but most failures happen since more attention is paid to these conditions than the method of work”. Truer words rarer said.

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